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First Earl then Fiona?

It is rumored that the legendary Bomba Shack has been leveled by hurricane Earl. According to Zane Lewis of ZBVI radio, the Bomba Shack is no more.

The following are some photos from the damage that Earl has left on Tortola. We are awaiting pictures from the Bomba Shack and will do a follow up.

As you can see from the photos, some boats have landed on the rocks, west of Road Town. The awning at the sports complex has been ripped away and flown over the wall to land on a tree – the rest of it is lying in front of the police station near Huntums Ghut. You might also notice that the sign at the Red Cross – the ‘Condomize’ sign has been rooked.

Next we are awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Fiona – expect to arrive in the BVI on Wednesday. The winds are still high here in the BVI and trees are down, power is out for most of the island – but there have been no reports of injuries, so all is well!