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Trailer Trash Closing Party at The Last Resort!

On still water and balmy air, boatload after boatload of visitors made their way to Bellamy Cay to visit The Last Resort for the ‘Trailer Trash’ closing party last night. With many in ‘trailer trash’ style outfits, the motley crowd drank like true BVI trailer trash. Lasers, disco balls, underwear on a clothesline and  even a trailer trash bedroom adorned the lawn. Outfits ranged from super sexy gold hot pants, to trashy tee shirts (above) to downright puzzling. The music was everything you could hope for – and a really well put together show, handled professionally and in a surprising amount of order.

A building crowd rollicked to the band ‘Raw‘, who started the festivities with some heavy reggae and island beats and got people moving right away.

The raised wooden dance floor swelled full to hear Adikshun, the British Virgin Islands all female group. The ladies suprised the audience with a teaser of Michael Jackson songs followed by an great set of music that captivated the crowd, including an energetic version of “The Electric Slide”.

The BVIs all female group, Adikshun

As Type of Toad played their first note, the rain began – heavy rain started in a flash, drenching most of the crowd and funneling the majority of trailer trash guests to flood the wooden dancing area which literally cracked (audible, feel-able), under dancing and jumping feet during their third song.

The rain begins at The Trailer Trash Party

The stripper poles – in place for the event – found their long-lost mistresses during the set to the delight of many. Coupled with a foam cannon, we’re surprised there was no admission fee!


A Type of Toad kept the crowd moving and gave the crowd their money’s worth many times over (Free admission).

Rock & Roll with A Type of Toad

A Type of Toad

A Type of Toad

The Last Resort’s house band followed and the party continued into the night – leaving a lasting memory and most likely a pretty good hangover for all in attendance. We’d recommend you go to the next one – even though it’s approximately 364 days from now – see you then?