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Cyclone Gaston… ?

We’re currently in peak Hurricane season here in the BVI – and as awarning, we give you “Rachell dancing to Cyclone by Baby Bash!”

She’s nearing 600,000 view on the video… comments?

Meteorologist Jeff Masters of private forecaster Weather Underground predicted Gaston would pass over or just to the northeast of the Lesser Antilles Islands early on Tuesday.

“Gaston may threaten Puerto Rico on Wednesday, the Dominican Republic on Thursday, and Haiti, Jamaica and/or the Turks and Caicos Islands by Friday, depending upon the storm’s interaction with a trough of low pressure expected to move off the U.S. East Coast later this week,” Masters wrote in a blog posted on Sunday.

From MSNBC Weather: “The National Hurricane Center gave Gaston, which weakened to a remnant low-pressure area on Thursday soon after becoming a tropical cyclone, an 80 percent chance of redeveloping over the next 48 hours.”

A tropical cyclone is a storm system characterized by a low pressure center and numerous thunderstorms that produce strong winds and flooding rain. A tropical cyclone feeds on heat released when moist air rises, resulting in condensation of water vapour contained in the moist air. They are fueled by a different heat mechanism than other cyclonic windstorms such as nor’easters, European windstorms, and polar lows, leading to their classification as “warm core” storm systems.

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