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Friday Night at Le Cabanon with Alcoholics Cabanonymous & DJ Remadie

Friday September 10th  was a blowout at Le Cabanon with Alcoholics Cabanonymous making their debut. Spinning songs between sets was DJ Remadie who kept people moving during breaks.

The night featured drinking, rock and roll, debauchery and good people watching… and people dancing like mad.

Under new management, Le Cabanon looked rather spiffy and brighter than it’s former incarnation and it was filled with a well dressed crowd.

For those that do not know, Le Cabanon is an open air french bistro located in Road Town, Tortola, next to Pusser’s Pub. The new management  has taken things a positive direction – having live music events on weekends.

BVI Music hopes this continues as it benefits everyone.

Below is a video from Friday night of Alcoholics Cabanonymous.