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Sunday Hangover Cure Methods

Now that you’ve got your hangover, it’s time to work on fixing it. pledges to help you fix your hangover with a new idea each Sunday.

When it’s time to eat brunch, the best place to go is The Tamarind Club in Josiah’s Bay. The food selection & quality is the best on the island. The atmosphere cannot be beaten. The hangovers are visible & unparalleled. This is where we go when we are hung… over.

The Tamarind Club is an intimate hotel in the British Virgin Islands which features a restaurant, bar/lounge and pool with swim up bar. Built in the mid 1970’s as a community centre of sorts for Josiah’s Bay estate, the club has evolved over the years from a happening music scene spot to a quiet holiday hotel with gourmet food, great fun, and sometimes a little lively mischief.

If you haven’t been to a swim up bar, this is where you need to go.  We recommend: massive omelettes, breakfast burgers, homefries with chili and cheese (wow), eggs benedict, coffee… swimsuits… sunglasses.

Pay attention : SWIM UP BAR

Here is the official website of The Tamarind Club