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BVI Fungi Fest – This Saturday!

fungi fest bvi

An old time Fungi Band from the 1860's.

Get in touch with the sound that originated in the Virgin Islands this weekend at Fungi Fest…

Saturday november 20th @ 7:00pm at Noel Lloyd Park

Gospel Fungi Band
The Serenaders
Koko and the Sunshine Band (st john)
Lashing Dogs
Milo’s Kings (st thomas)

Themes explored in fungi music include love and relationship, folklore which is the basis of British Virgin Islander oral history on topics ranging from church life to smuggling rum as well as current events and social commentary. as funk

Fungi music is usually very festive even humorous, as it is made for dancing. Band perform at a variety of events including weddings, festivals, parties as well as in restaurants and hotels.

There is a definite melody and rhythm and the lyrics are meaningful as the songs tell stories from the past. These stories are reminders of the life the people of the British Virgin Islands lived. Fungi music is popular during such events as the British Virgin Islands Music Festival and fungi is part of the school curriculum.