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Local Artist – Mullah Gwop!

Aliston “Al” Potter who is known for dominating and setting records in the Track & Field arena from a tender age is now embarking on setting a few more records of his own, but this time, with music.started out wid a dude name kissinger a group called DTM boyz an we gained popularity by a song an my panna move states so we work on tracks an do our solo thing

It was just for fun, when Al teamed up with his comrade Kissinger Mercer and created the Rap Group DTM which is short for “Dem Tola Man”. Their original voices and their imaginative lyrics mixed with the unique Virgin Islands dialect lured many followers towards the movement and sooner than later DTM became popular within the Virgin Islands.

DTM’s passion for music increased as fans openly embraced them. During their first performance, supporters were heard singing along with the new rap group. From that day DTM kept the love by releasing singles as well as mix tapes to supporters. Soon after, the two DTM members donned the stage names “Bullet” and “Kiss” and were officially known as the DTM Boyz.

Apart from opening for artists such as Alaine and Mr. Vegas, DTM Boyz performed at a number of events in the Virgin Islands including: Capital Productions Annual Car Show; Launching of B-Mobile; Festival Village; BVI Music Fest and other local hot spots and promotions.

“Ragga” which heated up the radio waves across the islands lead to the anticipation of the DTM Boyz mix tape entitled “Tola on Lock” DTM Boyz were also featured in VI Lander Magazine as well as CORE magazine.

The DTM Boyz credit Raphael “Rap” Turnbull as a major driving force in their success thus far. It was his belief that Bullet and Kiss will progress up the musical ladder and will one day elevate their talents to be amongst the world’s greatest entertainers.

DTM Boy Kissinger Mercer later migrated to the U.S.A. Although apart, Kiss and Bullet do not let the distance affect the growth of DTM Boyz as they utilize technology which enables them to feature each other in songs and other media.

Bullet, now known as “Mullah Gwop” (two slang terms both meaning money), is working on his debut album to be titled “I Wish I Never Met You”. Mullah Gwop brings a twist to this album by showing off his incredible rapping skills, and now his amazing talent in singing. This album features DTM Boy Kiss, Ishamani as well as X-Cel and Vee.

Mullah Gwop is the executive producer and song writer of his music.

His thoughts on success? Mullah Gwop believes that dedication is the key. He feels it is important to get your music out there by promoting your material and by feeding the fans with new and exciting tracks.

Mullah Gwop is also known for his humour and communication with his supporters as much slangs are promoted by him, from “Beastlee” and “You does got to” (YDGT) and “Check he swag mon.” Mullah feels promoting the VI dialect is important and keeps it alive. This is why he also keeps it in his music. Mullah Gwop is well out of the starting blocks and is ready to go the distance as he understands that anything that you want in life requires hard work, dedication and perseverance. Mullah Gwop is ready, understanding that there will be hurdles, and false starts, but believes it is important to just finish what you started and try to improve every time.

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Also, here is a link to one of the hottest songs DON’T GO by Mullah Gwop

Mullah Gwop can be contacted through Khalid A. Frett
Phone: 1-284-544-5684