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Quito & The Edge Starting This Friday at Quito’s Gazebo in Cane Garden Bay

The long wait is over! Quito and The Edge will begin playing again this Friday, November 5th!

Quito Rymer can be categorized as a self taught professional musician. While growing up he learnt the art of playing the guitar through trial and error and became a master of his own musical art form.

As his own musical composer and song writer, “Quito” translates his life experiences and more, into a true form of musical empowerment and expression. As band leader and founder “Quito” has kept his band musically polished, defined and redefined for over fifteen years. Quito is often classed with the likes of “Bob Marley and the Wailers” offering a unique sound though, of his own.

As a young musician growing up music was a way of life and expression for Mr. Rymer in fact music was the way he would say most things at times it was used for communicating feelings to a female or translating his understanding of the current world situation or simply to reflect what was happening in and around his own local community. Through out his early musical career Quito was privileged to have and obtain access to some of the best rounded musicians the island (Tortola) had to offer which he extravagantly used to his advantage and molded a particular sound now known as the “The Edge”, a sound that has morphed itself into a complete band.

Hailed as one of the hardest working bands in the region, the EDGE combines soulful reggae melodies with hard hitting dance grooves to produce the unique sound of the EDGE! With over 40 original tunes ranging from sweet island blues, to lover’s rock, to Bob Marley type reggaes, to ska, the EDGE delivers what you want and need for your musical soul.

You can purchase Quito Rymer’s music : right here on in our online store!