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Brian Neale Returns to Myett’s!

“..mesmerizing…”,   “…heard and had to see who was singing…” ,” I just had to stop and listen…”, “…pure talent….”,  “…his amazing voice draws you in….”

These are all comments Brian Neale lives with in regards to his talent.   People constantly stop, listen, and investigate – and then they can’t get enough and never want to leave. His ability to capture and entertain audiences, both men and woman, is truly phenomenal.  For Brian, it just seems easy and natural, and the one constant over time is his voice.

Don’t bother trying to pigeon-hole Brian Neale.  You can’t.   Neither does his debut CD, “Common Behaviour”.

Oh, the influences upon a 20 year career in the music business are there – he grew up listening to the crooners of the Sinatra era.  And his talent allows him to do great justice to Neil Diamond and Elton John…and his writing truly shows the influences of  Springsteen,  John Couger,  Jim Croce, James Taylor,  Harry Chapin,  and, Jimmy Buffett.

With a great foundation in music, Brian’s training began at Capillano Music College in British Columbia and throughout this time, he worked the folk clubs of Vancouver.

He has spent the past eight years chanelling Jimmy Buffett as lead singer and ring master with “Northern Harbour” – Canada’s ultimate Buffett  tribute band. They draw thousands to summer gigs,  both in Canada, and the United States.  Brian has also played with the maestro of Margaritaville himself at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto in front of over 20,000 fans.

Now it’s time for  his own music. The recording is a mix of trop rock, folk, country, old-time rock & love songs. And there are definitely hints of Buffett here > rum, sailing, the Caribbean, self-contemplation, good times, and – oh yes – the contagious combo of steel drums, guitars, and horns.

So, you may ask:  “Why now”?    “I look back where I have performed in the world.  I’ve gotten around!  Mexico, Great Britain, Austria, Iceland, Portugal, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, and the British Virgin Islands.  For years, people have asked if I have a CD – now I can say ‘yes’.  Maybe it took me so long because I was busy trying to be a golf pro, pilot, or hockey player.”

There is no doubt as to his appeal and popularity.

“Brian had us running into Myett’s  one afternoon last. December thinking it was Jimmy…” wrote a traveler on in 2010.

Now these fans happily have Brian Neale on their iPods and in their vehicles, as do many more from all over the world.

His debut CD is selling well – 2500 copies in 6 months, and his new music is there to give him his own identity. Also in the Jan 2011, two music video’s Common Behaviour and Restless Heart will be released. With radio air play in the US and Canada, Brian Neale is poised to take his music to the next level and allow an even larger audience to stop, listen, and stay.