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“Breaking News” by Devon Osbourne

“Breaking News”, a song published by Devon Osbourne, The Press Secretary for the Premiere of The British Virgin Islands. The controversial cover artwork for the single & CD has government officials concerned that the CD itself looks as though it is part of official government literature.

According to, “Osborne could face disciplinary action over the CD or its content if it is not changed, according to our sources.” & “Osborne, who ran unsuccessfully as an independent candidate for the 9th District in the last general elections, declined to comment on the issue when contacted by BVI News.”

Osbourne said that he has another song that he is planning to release in August and said he does not share the views of those criticizing as he believes that he has a right to his flag and free speech. However, Osbourne stated that he does respect that everyone has a right to their opinion.

Listen to the song, “Breaking News”, by Devon Osbourne, Press Secretary for the Premiere of The British Virgin Islands