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Full Moon Party Musical Event Rundown

Looking for things to do in the BVI during the Full Moon Party night on Wednesday, January 19th?

  • The Razorblades Fungi Band will be playing at Trellis Bay at 8pm!
  • ‘Da Tree Men will be playing at The Elm Beach Bar in Cane Garden Bay 7:30pm!
  • Debauchery & more will ensue with DJ’s at Bomba Shack – 9pm!
  • Eric Stone will be playing from 5-8pm on Marina Cay!
  • Reuben Chinnery will be playing at Bananakeet at 6pm!
  • Michael Beans plays Happy AAARRrr on Leverick Bay at 5pm!

… So don’t let anyone ever tell you that there’s nothing to do in the BVI!

About The Bomba Shack

bomba shack tortolaBomba created the Shack in 1976 as a place for he and his friends to hang out and enjoy.  In the almost 30 years since, it has become one of the premier party spots in the Caribbean. It has been featured on E! Channel’s “Wild On the Caribbean”, been the backdrop of the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” and featured in countless travel magazines. With Bomba’s world renowned “Full Moon Parties”, not to mention the legendary Bomba Punch and Full Moon Party mushroom tea, it is a must stop on your map of vacation fun. This is an adult atmosphere so leave the kids at home.

If you’re ready to go berserk, consider sampling the Bomba Tea -  mushroom tea (said to have hallucinogenic qualities). Psilocybin Mushrooms are legal in the British Virgin Islands. The tea is only served during certain hours, with special glasses that you need to purchase.  Opinions about Bomba Tea vary from person to person.

You will find a lively crowd at the Bomba Shack, live music acts, local vendors and more.

About The Trellis Bay Full Moon Parties

Trellis bay businesses provide an exciting array of entertainment for guests on a regular basis and they really crank it up on their Fireball Full Moon Parties. The full moon parties at Trellis bay are known for being family friendly – the entertainment includes the amazing moko jumbee stilt dancers, limbo contests, fire jugglers,  local musicians, barbecued island pigs, and  fireball sculptures created by Aragorns Studio.

Visit the official site for Trellis Bay Full Moon Parties here.