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The Jungle Drums are Beating : ELM + BBQ + AC / DC = !?!?

Keith Richards is in the BVI

Brian Johnson & Angus Young Raging with AC/DC

The jungle drums are beating and the word out on the streets (and hills), is that Rock & Roll Hall of Famer  Brian Johnson, lead singer for AC/DC will be in the BVI this week.  There is a very strong possibility that the rocker may sit in with the Elmtones – down at The Elm Beach Bar in Cane Garden Bay – but don’t tell ’em that we told you about it…

Brian Johnson (born 5 October 1947) is an English singer and lyricist who has been the lead singer for the rock band AC/DC since 1980. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003 along with the other members of the band.

The Elmtones play at The Elm Beach Bar – BBQ – in Cane Garden Bay in season on Friday and Sunday nights, starting at 7pm. Recent performances have included varied and talented musical guests and this one – which is most likely on FRIDAY night – will definitely be a once in a lifetime rage-a-thon!

Johnson’s first album with AC/DC, Back in Black, became the second best selling album of all time, and the best selling album by any band. Talk about suprise guest stars – BVI nightlife is certainly heating up!