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Jungle Drums: Royal Honeymoon to be on Necker Island?

Royal Honeymoon in the BVI

The jungle drums are beating around the BVI and the rumor is spreading that Necker Island could be the destination for the Royal Honeymoon. See below for the latest tweet from The Bitter End Yacht Club.

royal honeymoon necker island

This certainly would be very positive for the British Virgin Islands in terms of publicity for it’s tourism industry.

Excerpt from British Tabloid: “The Royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William on April 29th, to be held in Westminster Abbey will be followed by their  honeymoon in the yet to be disclosed location, as they are still considering options for the ultimate destination.”

Prince-William and Kate-Middleton

Time will tell as it’s surely soon to be announced – and we’ll keep you posted.

About Necker Island

about necker islandNecker Island is a small island in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda, located at 18°31′38″N 64°21′29″W / 18.52722°N 64.35806°W / 18.52722; -64.35806. All of the land on the island is owned by Sir Richard Branson, famous for his Virgin brand, and it is part of the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio of luxury properties. The entire island operates like a resort and can accommodate up to 28 guests. For more info, click here.