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USVI Police Department Has It’s Own Theme Song!

The U.S. Virgin Islands police department now has its own theme song _ and the reggae ditty is music to the commissioner’s ears.

Commissioner Novelle Francis on Monday said an original song called “Don’t Run, Don’t Hide” will be a source of pride for territory police. He said, “After all, we may we may be the only police department in the entire world with its own theme song.”

The song was released to coincide with the broadcast of a local TV program called “VI Cops,” which documents a night in the life of patrol officers.

The islands’ force could use a public image boost. Earlier this month, two veteran officers were found guilty of running a racketeering group accused of kidnapping, extortion, and bribery.

Source: USVI Police Website:

The Virgin Islands Police Department has its own theme song. On the heels of the release of their first action documentary entitled “VI Cops” which documents a night in the life of Saturated Patrol officers, the song, which is about a minute and a half long and written and produced by local Band-O-Rama and Road March Champions – Fusion Band – is set to a reggae beat and sends out a strong message to the criminals.

The documentary “VI Cops” is aired on the government access channel and has the nationally known “Bad Boys” theme accompanying the live action. However in order for VI Cops to have its own local flavor Jerry Viale, the manager of the Fusion Band was asked to make a jingle. Jerry said he is a big fan of VI Cop and agreed right away. He created a song called “Don’t Run. Don’t Hide. The song has a catchy rhythm and a strong message of anti violence and the consequences of crime.

Commissioner Novelle E. Francis Jr. said he likes the new theme song “a lot.” And he anticipates the theme song will be another source of pride for the police officers and for the community. “After all, we may be the only police department in the entire world with its own theme song,” the commissioner noted.

Commissioner Francis said a second VI Cops will be filmed in the near future. He said the public has praised the show saying that they now have a better understanding of what officers are faced with every night as they patrol the community. He said the show improves the relationship between the community and the police and is another effective method of Community Policing.


So we’re asking… what’s a good theme song for the RVIPF?