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Govt. Seeks Funding for a Performing Arts Program in the BVI

Recently, there has been talk of the BVI government setting up it’s own recording studio – in the hopes that it can help foster the growth and talent of it’s youth that are interested in music & performing arts.

Some excerpts from an article published today on

“Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Andrew Fahie said the administration will soon be making efforts to seek funding for a Government-owned studio to develop a performing arts industry in the BVI.”

“Minister Fahie had stated that Government has realised that throughout the entire Territory, youths are becoming increasingly interested and involved in the areas of singing, sound engineering, song writing, dancing, acting, poetry and rapping.

The Minister said the Government cannot delay its support to provide avenues where persons, especially the youths can develop these talents knowing that they will be heard and seen.

“In this light, we must move with haste to exhaust all efforts to create the environment for these talents to be heard. For those that rap, sing, etc., we have to now invest in a studio which will allow our young and talented residents the opportunity to record their music among other things, without costing them a fortune,” the Minister stated.

He believes this will allow their talents to be exposed to the world so that the BVI can attract major companies such as Warner Bros., among others to continuously grace the shores of the BVI in order to select from some of the best talent.” notices an overwhelming number of comments criticizing the move. What is your opinion?

Should be BVI government be involved in creating a recording studio?

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