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2011 BVI Music Fest • Taking Shape • Slowly

bvi music festThe 2011 BVI Music Fest is starting to take shape -albeit slowly.  Ticket prices have been set at $30 per night. We are guessing that there will be a package deal announced – like last year – with a lower ticket price for all three nights – but that hasn’t been set yet. Showtimes have yet to be announced.

As for the setting of the festival, BVIMUSIC.COM hopes that the committee is able to recognize the peoples desires to be able to roam the beaches freely in the Cane Garden Bay area.

We understand that the fences used last year helped to guarantee that only ticketed patrons had access to the event but we suggest that it was highly constricting. The majority of comments from visitors on websites suggested – that people think that fencing the area in was the NOT best approach.

Perhaps a better suggestion for the festival would be to have different acts play at different venues throughout Cane Garden Bay, and only allow entry to those patrons in possession of a wristband.  This would certainly help the local bars and restaurants in the entire area – rather than setting up an isolating area in what should be a beautiful, open beach area. For example: The first act starts at at the eastern most venue capable of hosting a band and then moves westward, ending up with the main act playing at Quito’s Gazebo – or then heading back to a main stage area. This would ensure that patrons visiting the area for the 2011 BVI Music Fest will pass by all local businesses and take in the full sights and sounds of the area.

BVIMUSIC.COM would like to hear YOUR SUGGESTIONS as well – how can the BVI Music Fest be made better and more enjoyable for visitors?

Here is the current line up as provided by the offical website for the BVI Music Fest, which could definitely use an update.

Friday May 27

  • Iwer George and Black Stallion
  • Trey Songz
  • Showtime Band with Guest

Saturday May 28

  • Capelton
  • Keshia Cole
  • Quito Rymer and The Edge
  • Adikshun Band

Sunday May 29

  • Boyz II Men
  • Pablo Piddy
  • Blue Essence Band and Guest
  • Jazz MD’sneed

Started in 2000, the BVI Music Festival has been welcoming such acts as En Vogue, the Drifters, Iyaz, and Fantasia Barrino to open up the summer season.  With the 2011 lineup, summer in the British Virgin Islands looks to be sizzling yet again. As always, the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board continues to pledge their support and looks forward to a weekend of basking in the sun and dancing the nights away.

With such hit acts rocking the stage this year at Cane Garden Bay, the BVI Music Festival is guaranteed to have you bopping whether jamming to Trey Songz’s “Bottoms Up,” swaying to Keyisha Cole’s “Heaven Sent” or breaking it down with Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love to You.”  There is simply no better place to celebrate years of hit music than the British Virgin Islands this Memorial Day Weekend.

BVIMUSIC.COM is dedicated to providing coverage of the 2011 BVI MUSIC FEST, and will continue to distribute information as it becomes available.