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Songs for the Royal Wedding

royal wedding songs

Residents of the BVI have been given an official government holiday in honor of the April 29th Royal Wedding. We’ve done the research already, so you don’t have to – and we have what we feel are the top choices for the Royal Wedding – the most likely candidate being George Michael! Check them out!

George Michael has unveiled a song for the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton. The song is called “You & I”. You can check it out right here:

Here’s another song of interest for the Royal Wedding, written by 84 year old Sadie Dixon.

Here’s a somewhat less-funny song Rfor William and Kate called “Dressed In White” written by Chris Madin

And because we care, we stumbled upon this video which contains the top 10 wedding songs of all time, and it’s actually great – so give it a listen while you’re here: