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Lemurs For Dumbasses

We know you’ve been playing the jungle drums at bars and restaurants in the BVI… but your limited knowledge is thinner than the septum in Charlie Sheens nose… so,
Time to get acquainted with The Ring Tailed Leumr!

Sadly, we’ve just run out of our lemur costumes for toddlers. In the meantime, you need to know that we do stock music from the BVI – and it’s all awesome and the store is up and working!

Quito Rymer : Paradise
Quito Rymer : Paradise
1 No Tears 2 Trenchtown Music 3 Free 4 Paradise 5 Everything Safe 6 Both Sides of the Gun 7 Hotter on the Phone 8 Even 9 Pon Me Mind 10 Standing 11 Paradise Ride PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE PURCHASING A DOWNLOAD - NOT THE CD - THESE ARE THE MP3 FILES FROM THE ALBUM ONLY
Price: $11.00