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Type of Toad on Saturday at Jolly Roger 8pm

A Type of Toad with groupies at their Spinal Tap gig

Come and rock with ‘A Type of Toad’, at Jolly Roger this Saturday night at 8pm!

A Type of Toad started out as a Skiffle Group in the West Country in the early 1950’s, originally named Henry’s Boys, they became an impromptu jazz band after an accident with a combine harvester. Following the revolution in Cuba they fled the West Country and spent four years living in a cave full of toads, developing synth modalites and re-named themselves A Type of Toad. It was during this time that they invented techno music, unfortunately it was developed in Germany at the same time, although the were unaware of this due to the whole “living in a cave” thing.

It is rumoured that A Type of Toad will not be playing this year’s BVI Music Festival due to their ongoing fued with Boyz II Men, but it could also be because they haven’t been asked.

The tortured demeanour of the lead singer is often thought to have resulted from a childhood alien abduction and probe, but this is unconfirmed.

The former keyboard player was blinded in a drive by escargot throwing in what the authorities believe to have been gang warfare, during an epic battle with another amphibious band. It all seems to have been sparked after some rude comments were made about international megastar Craig David (30).

The lead guitarist bit the head off a wasp at an early gig after mistaking it for a cheese sandwich.

All the songs A Type of Toad play are original, unfortunately they have failed to copyright any and therefore many have been claimed by other bands over the years.