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10 Places to Score a Musical Buzz in The British Virgin Islands

10 places in the BVI to catch a musical buzzThe BVI is famous for many things – wonderful breezes for sailing, beautiful sunlit blue waters, watersports and of course, drinking.

Here’s a list of 10 amazing places to stop and have a beer (drink), in the British Virgin Islands. This list is not necessarily in order – there are some places missing here, but believe us, these 10 are ones you don’t want to miss. Venues that host live music have the * symbol.

So here we go with our ’10 Places to Catch a Cool, Musical Buzz’!

1. Soggy Dollar Bar – White Bay, Jost Van Dyke * Reuben Chinnery, Ras Rio… et al.

Well, maybe not a beer – go with a Painkiller (or 3), at this amazing, one of a kind spot in the BVI. Of course, Soggy Dollar is just one of many amazing bars on Jost Van Dyke, but it’s our favorite. Soggy Dollar sometimes hosts live music (R. Chinnery), the bars nearby almost always have something happening. You should of course visit Seddy’s One Love and perhaps find Reuben Chinnery, or Ras Rio, playing and singing in true island fashion.

2. Quito’s Gazebo * Quito Rymer

A favorite – of course, home to the amazing, Quito Rymer – born and raised in the BVI with original songs, music and band that always delivers the true sound of the BVI.

3. Jumbie’s Bar in Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda * Michael Beans

So friendly, it’s like drinking at a friends house – Say hello to Nick & Monica at the bar for us! Michael Beans is here in season from 5-7pm so bring your “A”AAaarrgh game.

4. The Elm Beach Bar * The Elmtones

Say hello to Elvett at the bar and have a beer- preferably on a Friday or Sunday evening when they are having their famous BBQ. The Elmtones also play on Fridays and Sundays.

5. Bananakeet * Reuben Chinnery

Probably the best view from any restaurant in the BVI, Bananakeet is also home to Reuben Chinnery (in season). Don’t miss this.

6. Stephen’s Beach Bar at Smuggler’s Cove *island boombox

Find a spot in the parking lot and then make a left as you enter the beach, there you will find ‘Stephen’s Beach Bar” (no sign)… get a painkiller, beer or whatever and enjoy some great service, right on the beach. Chairs included in the price of drinks and always a great time. Stephen keeps a boombox going with his brand of island music.

7. Rudys Hilltop Bar * Dominican Radio

At the top of Joe’s Hill,leading to Cane Garden Bay – you’ll find Rudy’s bar – the view is amazing and the prices are right – usually $3 for an ice cold beer. Rudy’s also serves cocktails and food, but as a tourist, you’ll probably want to avoid their daily selection of fried items.

8. Bomba Shack *Varied

Drink a beer in the Bomba Shack in Cappoon’s Bay, Tortola and check out the surfers and the shack itself. Look out for Bomba in his ‘Bomba-Style’ car. Buy a sticker, catch a buzz. Host to major full-moon parties with varied musical acts, DJ’s and performers during the week.

9. Pusser’s Marina Cay * Eric Stone

Take the short walk to the crest of Marina Cay and you’ll find yourself at the Robb White Bar – Michael Bean’s old haunt and now home to Eric Stone (in season). Beautiful views, breezes and live music make this an unforgettable spot.

10. The Dove / Barfly * great selection of tasteful recorded music

One of the best restaurants in the BVI – stop in a mingle with ex-pats and locals alike on weekend nights. You might want to see what their drink of the day / night is, instead of having a beer. Rarely home to live music, both are always spinning tasteful,  scene-appropriate music.