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DA Resisting Deportation, Becomes Captain Chaos

da deportationDesmond ‘DA’ Alphonso who was scheduled to be deported from The British Virgin Islands on a 7:00 am LIAT flight destined to Guyana still remains in the territory.

According to various news sources, DA was brought to the police station in Road Town last night but the timing is unknown.

Early this morning, DA resisted being taken to the airport for his scheduled 7am flight and has been quoted as saying:

“I don’t know anyone in Guyana and I am not going no place.”

According to authorities,  the double negative statement will sort itself out this week.

According to local news, the authorities claim to not have the resources to handle DA. Sources close to the events claim that DA has threatened to create “chaos” on the outbound flight if he is not given time to “sort out his business affairs”.

DA was convicted in the harboring three murderers and subsequently spent four years in Balsam Ghut prison. Later, DA was found not guilty in the killing one of the murderers and released from prison. He has a 40 year history and “belonger” status in the BVI although he was born in Guyana.