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How to Cook a Lionfish by Marina Cay Chef Tyrone Daniels

Lionfish have successfully pioneered the coastal waters of the Atlantic in less than a decade and pose a major threat to reef ecological systems in these areas. They have become the second most abundant species of fish from the Bahamas to North Carolina, second only to native scamp. This could be due to a surplus of resource availability resulting from the over-fishing of lionfish predators like grouper. Although the lionfish has not expanded to a population size that is currently causing major ecological problems, their invasion in the United States coastal waters could lead to serious problems in the future. One likely ecological impact caused by Pterois could be their impact on prey population numbers by directly affecting food web relationships. This could ultimately lead to reef deterioration and could negatively influence Atlantic trophic cascade. It has already been shown that lionfish overpopulate reef areas and display aggressive tendencies; forcing native species to move to waters where conditions might be less than desirable.Studies show that lionfish could be decreasing Atlantic reef diversity by up to 80%. – from wikipedia

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