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Manpot’s Tales of the Tropics – Now Available as an eBook!

Directly from the shores of the BVI at the Chateau Relaxeau Caribe, Malcom Boyes has released:

‘Manpot’s Tales of the Tropics’ drifts on the Caribbean tradewinds through the white sand beaches and ramshackle bars where we meet a gang of colourful characters that seem to thrive in those ‘little latittudes’. From Hollywood superstars Michael Jackson and Marlon Brando to local legends Big Red the Gangster, Johnnie One Nut, Bomba and Quito Rymer we are carried away by stories too strange and too funny, to be fiction. You just can’t make this stuff up.

You can view a FREE sample of the book here.

Order Manpot’s Tales of The Tropics Here – Only 8.95!