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Our Favorite Web Sites & Why We Love Them

Time to spread a little love to the sites that we at love to check out.

If you don’t know about these sites already, you should – and please make sure to suggest some others in the comments that you think we should add!

The BVI Humane Society

We Love Animals

The Animal Shelter was officially opened in December 1975 to provide for the welfare of animals of all kinds and to serve the public of the BVI by providing care of strays and unwanted animals while trying to find good homes for them.

The Society receives no Government assistance and is supported by the hard work of Tessa Gunter and her assistant, Vijay Bissoondutt. They also run a boarding and grooming facility as a sideline to cover the cost of overhead. Income is always needed and the Shelter relies heavily upon the donations of the public and the fundraising events like the monthly Yard Sale, Gaming Night Extravaganza, Governor’s Auction, and the Dog Show.

RumShopRyan “Because rum is good and it makes me happy. Any questions?”

Rum Shop Ryan brings the party to the web

Rum Shop Ryan runs what is definitely one of the best Caribbean experience blogs on the internet. Infusing insight with humor and a slight buzz, Rum Shop Ryan is big on our list of favorites!

“Close your eyes and remove yourself from the everyday. Picture your toes sinking into the sand as the waves kiss your ankles and listen to the coconut palms rustle in the gentle sea breeze. That’s a nice feeling isn’t it? I live a little bit of that life and want to share my tropical dreams with you.”

Sugar Apple – 17 year Expat and Counting

Abigail Blake brings a unique Caribbean perspective with a gentle touch via her blog, the Sugar Apple. Filled with great recipes, stories and insights, The Sugar Apple should be on your list of sites to check out!

Abigail Blake's Sugar Apple Blog

“Abigail Blake, a native North Carolinian and former stage manager, New Yorker, event planner and trust officer.  I met my future husband, Bones, on nickel beer night at Pusser’s Pub while vacationing in the British Virgin Islands.  He spent a quarter, got me drunk and thought I was a cheap date.  I moved to the BVI a few months later and 17 years down the road, I’m still here.”

Travel Talk Online – The best online forum for the BVI.

If you don’t know about it yet – now you do. Probably the ultimate place to gain insider information from expats and travelers alike – all about the British Virgin Islands. This is a great place to get started and get your feet wet.

Find Insider Secrets at Travel Talk Online

Find Insider Secrets at Travel Talk Online

Custom Sailing Shirts Rocks

If you’re in need of some custom shirts, clothing or other items for a personalized vacation trip or other event, Laura at Custom Sailing Shirts is the one to call. She is beyond cool and has made a lot of people happy, providing affordable, high quality, one-of-a-kind, custom keepsakes that last for years.

Old Mango Guide to the Islands

Amazing photographs, stories and more from Old Mango

Old Mango started as a personal website and has become something more, through the magical photos of William Torrillo.

“I am a professional photographer living in the Virgin Islands. I recently created this website to share my photos and connect with all the friends I have met through the years, and to make new ones, through my photos, videos, and stories.”  “This is my photographic journey thru and around the BVI and USVI…and beyond!

Uncommon Caribbean Caribbean Knowledge and information in a very professional style

Glossy Professional Coverage of the Entire Caribbean at Uncommon

Celebrating the undiscovered charms of Caribbean travel & culture, Uncommon Caribbean brings a professional insiders view to the Caribbean complete with familial insight and heritage. This site is not to be missed!

OnlineBVI Video Magazine The ultimate video sharing website for the BVI and more.

Best Video Sharing Site in the BVI

OnlineBVI was created for the sole purpose of sharing videos specific to the British Virgin Islands and to bring attention to the nonprofit organizations in the British Virgin Islands. By doing so, The hope is to bring together people, residents and visitors alike, who share a passion for video and the British Virgin Islands and bring attention to the not for profit organizations that are helping others. It’s a win win for everyone.

Let us know what we’ve left out! We’re always looking for great sites!

Cheers to all and have a great day!