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Painkiller or Pain Causer? Pusser’s Defends it’s Trademark + Jungle Drums Beating

On the heels of a lawsuit victory, Pusser’s Rum has run into some serious social media backlash in the bartending community. Pusser’s has recently won a trademark infringement lawsuit against the ‘Painkiller’ bar in New York City. As a result, the Lower East Side tiki bar ‘Painkiller’, must change its name, and give up its website. One perspective on the lawsuit can be read here.

Painkiller Tiki Bar in New York City

The bar owners Guiseppe Gonzalez and Richard Boccato have since started a page on Facebook called Bartenders & Cocktailians against Pusser’s Rum, where they claim that: “It’s lame to trademark cocktails.” As of now, the group has 495 followers in just a few days.

Robert Simenson has written in his blog:

“Pusser’s may have won the battle here, but it may lose a very long, painful war. It’s legal strongarming of Painkiller has already inspired some bad blood within cocktail circles. Gonzalez and Boccato are extremely popular figures in the cocktail world, and their friends are faithful. Within hours of the announcement of the bar’s forced name change, various bartenders and industry figures proclaimed on Facebook their antipathy toward Pusser’s, and said they were thinking of boycotting the rum.”

Another group on Facebook is echoing the same opinion with their page, Bartenders against the Trademarking of Cocktails.

As a result of the popularity of the bartenders at the former ‘Painkiller’ bar, news is spreading fast on the internet.

There is another (ambitious), group called 100,000 bartenders who won’t ever buy Pusser’s Rum Again.

This is a developing story as Pusser’s Rum has yet to respond, but we expect that damage control will follow shortly, after seeing this conversation on one of the pages:

So there you have it… the owner of Pusser’s Rum is about to respond. The story continues to develop.

Who would have thought a delicious, tropical  cocktail could be so painful?

Major Jungle Drums Here

We have it on the highest authority that this may come to a very happy conclusion as early as next Tuesday : We have spoken with the owner of Pusser’s Rum and he has let us know that a licensing deal is in the works.

The Painkiller bar just might be back – sooner than you think!