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Proudly Made Without Pusser’s Rum?

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The Jungle Drums are getting louder and louder surrounding the recent lawsuit and social media fervor around the Pusser’s Painkiller v. Painkiller Bar in NYC.

Echoing sentiments from several new facebook pages which are calling for an end to Pusser’s ways, a bar in Bostons Kenmore Square have posted this photo via their twitter account.

eastern standard, painkiller without pussers rum

Jackson Cannon, bar director for Eastern Standard in Boston, is pulling no punches – posting his new menu & personal business card, which boasts a Painkiller, proudly made without Pusser’s Rum. “So Sue us!”.

The first question we’d like to ask him is:

Jackson, where do you purchase your sporting goods?

*interrupting* Because we’d like to know where he gets his balls big enough . . .

We definitely expect some fallout from this web 2.0 maneuver, perhaps a swift response from the man at the top of the pile at Pusser’s? This story is unfolding in a unique way as hangovers combine with social media to create a new and interesting kind of pain for parties on both sides of the argument.

eastern standard, painkiller

Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square, Boston, MA

For those of your who are familiar with Eastern Standard, you already know that it is a beautiful, large, high-end restaurant, just around the corner from Boston’s Fenway Park, where the upper crust mingle for drinks before and after games. This is really testing the waters and it could be risky, becuase as far as we know, Massachusetts is still a part of the United States and Pusser’s does own the trademark on the Painkiller cocktail. Is this an online media stunt about to go wrong, or is Jackson Cannon right in doing this?

Oh, by the way, $12.00 for a Painkiller? I guess they might just be ready to fight that lawsuit with those kinds of prices! It would appear that the stakes have indeed gone up considerably!

What are your thoughts on this?