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Pusser’s Buzzing in Real-Time!

Sir Richard Bransons Lemurs Drinking Pusser's 15 Year Rum

Sir Richard Bransons Lemurs Sippin' on Pusser's 15 Year Rum

There’s a BUZZ going and it smells like Pusser’s Rum!

Real time tracking of news is relatively new for Google, check out this link and see what we’re talking about!

In the lawsuit filed April 12 in U.S. District Court, plaintiff Pusser’s Rum Ltd., which sells rum, cocktail mixers and rum products such as cakes under the brand name “Painkiller” sued tiki bar owners Giuseppe Gonzalez and Richard Boccato, claiming irreparable harm to its brand, unfair competition and unfair business practices, according to court documents on file in the Southern District of New York. […]

The plaintiffs demanded that the bar stop calling itself and any of its drinks by the name Painkiller, for which they hold two U.S. trademarks, one for “alcoholic fruit drinks with fruit juices and cream of coconut and coconut juice,” and one for “non-alcoholic mixed fruit juices,” which they market as “Pusser’s Painkiller Cocktail Mix.” […]

In a consent order signed by both parties May 16, Gonzalez and Boccato, along with their corporate entity, Essex Street Bar & Lounge, Inc., agreed to be “permanently restrained and enjoined” from using the trademarked term Painkiller or “any other confusingly similar term” in association with any bar, restaurant, grill, lounge or other establishment, or any “beverage, libation or cocktail” unless it is made with Pusser’s rum. They also agreed not to use the term in any marketing or advertising materials, and to give up their website domain within 45 days of the order, though the court did not require them to turn it over to Pusser’s.

An internet buzz that’s been going on a spreading via two anti Pusser’s Facebook pages:

We suggest you pick a side and take an active role in the BUZZ! Anything else would be uncivilized!

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