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Pusser’s Founder Responds to Social Media Frenzy

Founder of Pusser’s Rum, Charles Tobias has responded to the recent social media backlash surrounding the lawsuit between Painkiller bar in New York City, and the Pusser’s Painkiller. The bar in New York has now changed it’s name to PKNY.

In the response, Tobias is quoted as saying

“The taste of Pusser’s Rum is distinctive to Pusser’s. No other rum tastes like it, and in a drink like a Painkiller – no other rum punches through the mix to be tasted as Pusser’s does. It is the Pusser’s Rum that imparts the unique flavor to the Painkiller drink. Years ago, we ran tests that showed by a large majority that people preferred a Painkiller made with Pusser’s Rum over the other popular rums that we tested. ”

Full text of the response can be found here.

Social media pages recently formed on Facebook continue to seethe with reactions from new fans.