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The Party Map of FUN Things to Do

The map of fun things to do in the bvi

The PARTY Map of FUN Things To Do • Click to see a larger image

Introducing the PARTY MAP OF FUN THINGS TO DO on Tortola, Beef Island and some other British Virgin Islands.

The PARTY MAP OF FUN THINGS TO DO includes Venues with Live Music, Stand Up Paddling spots, Drinking spots, recommended Swimming Spots, Full Moon Party locations, Musical zones, surfing locations, strip bars, danger zones, places with rastas on duty XD, places to find magic mushrooms and much more!

Click to see a larger image – which you’ll have to scroll to see the whole thing. There might be a thing or two slightly out of place, but in general, using this map as a guide, you’ll find some insider secrets on this map that you won’t find anywhere else.

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