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The Best of The British Virgin Islands

Best of The BVI

Music, things to do and nightlife are what is all about. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite things to do in the British Virgin Islands for your approval. Some people aren’t going to like this list because they didn’t make it – that’s not what’s important, what is important is that if we missed something, that you tell us about it.

Best Cheap BVI Entertainment : Cane Garden Bay

Photo Credit : CoastLines & Tanlines
Cane Garden Bay • Photo Credit : CoastLines & Tanlines

Order cheeseburgers in paradise at Stanley’s, a long-time beach-front resident at CGB, take a walk over The Elm Beach Bar around 7pm and catch The Elmtones live – no cover and it’s not expensive – plus you can get their amazing barbecue and then do some dancing… then stumble over to Quito’s Gazebo – a short walk down the beach… to make for a great, reasonably priced night in Cane Garden Bay!

Best Landmark Photo Opportunity in the BVI : The Red Box at Marina Cay

Stop here on your island hop and take some fun photos at the Red Box on the Marina Cay dock – you’ll be able to find them online later at Pusser’s website – and send them to friends. Please keep in mind that this is also a toss-up with the web-cam located at The Soggy Dollar Bar – but they’re included in another section of our Best of BVI, so we can’t let them win too many.

Best Unique Place to Stay : TradeWinds Cruise Club

There are plenty of hotels and villas to choose from that are right along the water but why not stay ON the water?  The TradeWinds Cruise Club offers guests the chance to stay on one of their beautiful luxury catamarans while exploring the islands by sea.  The ship offers breakfast and lunch during the day and then docks at night to let guests find dinner, drinks and entertainment on land.  The TradeWinds Cruise Club is also a timeshare and you can find rentals and sales available online.

Best Party / Night for People Watching : BVI Humane Societies Annual Gaming Night

Every year, in early December, Nanny Cay plays host to the BVI Humane Society Annual Gaming Night. Gaming Night is the night when the expats show up in droves, dressed to impress. Get there early and bring your donation money – all of it goes to a good cause. The hilarious Crab Races and gaming tables make this one of the best yearly events in the BVI. If you’re in the BVI during the Gaming Night, it is not to be missed. A great place to meet new people, catch up with old friends and support a wonderful cause.

Best Place to Rent a Scooter on Island : AYFKM?

You’ve got to be out of your mind to want to ride a scooter on these roads. Unless you’re bringing along a personal injury attorney, stick to jeeps and taxis.

Best Place to be Buzzed & Loved : Jumbies Bar, Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

If you like places where you feel like you’re family, then Jumbies Bar is the place for you. Hosts Nick & Monica will make you feel right at home with their hospitality and people skills. This is one of the best places to enjoy life and have drinks with a friendly, welcoming crowd. A place you’ll want to return to, time and time again.

Best EntertAAARRRrrrtainment Show : Michael Beans Happy AAARRrrrgghh! Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

The one and only Michael Beans Happy AAARRRrrrr show in Leverick Bay is the best one-man-show in the Caribbean. Step on board with Michael Beans Monday through Thursday (in season) and become a part of his crew on board his crazy ship where you’ll answer quiz questions, learn about pirates, laugh about pirates and even drink free rum. This is a must-see show that you do NOT want to miss.

Best Cultural Food Experience : C&F Restaurant

Finding the C&F restaurant on Tortola requires a guide – so if you’re planning on trying this, get a good one, or you might suffer from the “Tijuana Taxi” syndrome. When you enter the restaurant, you’ll be greeted with warm service and excellent food (too much of it usually), and treated to a true BVI-food experience. Some of the decorations hanging on the walls definitely require an explanation but you won’t be getting one. All in all, it’s a really fun experience if you’re up for some culinary adventure and keen on seeing how and where the locals eat. Go with a group.

Most Beautiful Lookout Point : Copper Mine, Virgin Gorda

A truly magical spot on Virgin Gorda that should be on your list, if you’ve got the time.

An abandoned 19th-century copper mine. Local legends also suggest the shafts were originally dug by Spanish adventurers to mine silver in the late fifteenth century, but no documentary evidence can be found to support this theory, and no firm evidence of Spanish occupation of the islands prior to the Dutch settlement exists, much less the size of settlement which would be needed to sink shafts. Today the Copper Mine is a protected site and tourist attraction. However, it is in a perilous state, and sits in a position which is particularly exposed to hurricanes. The Copper Mine Committee, in cooperation with the National Parks Trust of the British Virgin Islands, has undertaken to reconstruct the site using the footprint of the buildings and plans developed by archaeologists familiar with the work of these Cornish miners and their engineers. However, to date such plans have not been implemented. Source: Wikipedia

While you’re here, check out this song entitled “Virgin Gorda” by Da Tree Men.

Da Tree Men : Virgin Gorda
Da Tree Men : Virgin Gorda
A childrens song written by Adam C. Dell of Da Tree Men - complete with local animal sounds! PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE PURCHASING A DOWNLOAD - NOT A CD - THIS IS A SINGLE MP3 DOWNLOAD ONLY

Best Charity : The BVI Humane Society

Hands down, if you’ve got dollars to donate, this place deserves them. Visiting the humane society is something any frequent visitor to the BVI should do – it’s an eye-opening experience and one you’ll never forget. Ask a local to show you where it is.

Best Place to Jam Out / Party like a Rock Star : The Last Resort

Party Like a Rock Star in the BVI
Party Like a Rock Star at The Last Resort

Whether you’re a rockstar, an aspiring rockstar, r your just play one on TV, The Last Resort is the place to go if you want to tell em’ “I’m with the band”. Long time resident, Al Broderick and friends have carved out an amazing niche venue and filled it with music of all kinds from Al & The Hot Sauce Band to Guitarded, this is a group that never let’s you down – and never fails to entertain, involving the crowd and allowing even people like yourself to sit in with the band!

Best Overall BVI Band : The Lashing Dogs

The Lashing Dogs
Fungi at it’s finest : The Lashing Dogs

This band can be hard to catch as they don’t play a steady gig at any one venue. If you have the chance, make sure you do see them though. The original FUNGI songs they have written are socially and politically motivated, completely original creations that you simply will not find anywhere else. Filled with humor and one-liners, the Lashing Dogs music is just plain amazing and – it is amazing island music to listen to as your cruise through the BVI. Their new album “A Fun-Filled Fungi Night”, is available for purchase online here.

Best Beach : Toss Up

The Baths on Virgin Gorda
The Baths on Virgin Gorda

Smuggler’s Cove on Tortola Get there early and grab a spot near Stephen’s Beach Bar – it’s the one to the left when you enter the beach from the parking lot. Stephen will play DJ, bartender, advice-giver and basically be/do anything else you want / need / expect from a tropical drink-slinger, advice-giver type. He does it all with a big smile and hearty laughter and that’s why we love him. Oh yeah, the water is the exact color blue that you’ve been dreaming about – plus it’s off the beaten path so it won’t be as crowded as other destinations. Just make sure you’ve got a good jeep or 4 wheel vehicle if the roads are wet.

The Baths on Virgin Gorda It’s like setting foot on another planet at the Baths – an amazing natural wonder not seen anywhere else in the world. Huge boulders shoot into the air, sitting in soft white sand, filled with the bluest water imaginable. Make sure and put this on your list of things to do in the bvis, this is not to be missed and nearly impossible to describe with words.

Best Place to Meet Weathered / Haggard Sailors : Village Cay

The Happy Hour at Village Cay includes some great, cheap drink specials, served with a free-side of weathered and haggard sailors, washed ashore by a massive wave of cheap rum. This is the place to plan a smuggling run, or set your money laundering goals with the seedy character of your choice. Fall into the pool after downing 15 Presidentes, or attempt to dance with Caribbean women to the loudest music you’ve ever heard. This is where Hemingway would have hired a few local mooks to carry out some dirty deeds.

Some nights, you can catch MJ Blues – a very talented guitar player, but they unfortunately sock him away, into an almost out-of-sight nook, at the wrong end of the bar. Most of the time, you can’t even tell there’s someone playing there.

Best Place to go when stoned in the BVI : This is a toss-up.

The Happy Table
The Happy Table is just around the corner in this photo…

The Happy Table, at The Elm Beach Bar Sit your ass down and don’t move from the “Happy Table” at The Elm Beach bar, famous for many things, and among them is the sticker “I got Elmed at the Happy Table”. People smoke here and they party late-night. It’s a relaxed spot, right on the beach with an extremely casual atmosphere.

Bings Drop-In Look for the sign on the left side of the road in the East End of Tortola – if you have trouble finding it, locate BING’s on our Party Map of Fun Things To Do. You might have the knock on the door, ring the bell when you get there, but Bing will eventually open up. You never know who or what you’re going to find inside. Bing is a local artist and painter and a very accommodating host, he’ll put on any music you’d like to hear, help you find stuff, show you his paintings, stay open extremely late if that’s what you’re into… etc. Bing has a really big collection of classic rock and roll CDs along with a giant pair of Rolling Stones lips where the stereo sits. Definitely an interesting journey through the catacomb like structure that is Bing’s Drop-In.

Best BVI Sandwich : Toss Up

famous Awesome Sandwich at Trellis Kitchen / Cybercafe
famous Awesome Sandwich at Trellis Kitchen / Cybercafe

Deli France A mainstay for expats and locals alike, this is the place to get your sandwich craving filled. They also serve very good hot food plates and great french fries. Caution: cheese prices are ridiculous. Second warning – you’re going to wait here… they have a sign that says “This isn’t Burger King, you don’t get it your way, you get it the way we make it”.. or something like that… they should also have another sign that says something along the lines of “Buy an extra razor because when you’re done waiting for your sandwiches you’re going to need a shave”.

Trellis Kitchen Many agree that this tranquil spot serves the best sandwiches in the BVI – Their FAS – Famous Awesome Sandwiches are what puts Trellis Kitchen on our Best of BVI list.


Best local Author : Julian Putley.

Let’s face it, anyone who can write a book called “The Drinking Man’s Guide to The BVI”, is a hero by any standard. Putley has many other publications including “Sunfun Calypso”, “A to Z of the Sea”, and more. We will be stocking his books online in the near future. Find more information on Julian Putley here.

Best New Author : Malcolm Boyes

Malcolm is a character that you should know in the BVI. If you spot an orange Volkswagon Thing, make sure to look for Malcolm, author of a new book called: ‘Manpot’s Tales of the Tropics’: “drifts on the Caribbean tradewinds through the white sand beaches and ramshackle bars where we meet a gang of colourful characters that seem to thrive in those ‘little latittudes’. From Hollywood superstars Michael Jackson and Marlon Brando to local legends Big Red the Gangster, Johnnie One Nut, Bomba and Quito Rymer we are carried away by stories too strange and too funny, to be fiction. You just can’t make this stuff up.” You can find Malcolm at the great spots for live music – or check him out and stay at his place, The Chateau Relaxeau Caribe aka CRC!

Best BVI Musician : Quito Rymer.

Quito Rymer

Our favorite BVI resident always brings the energy and sweet sounds of the tropics to his performances. The most prolific singer songwriter in the BVI is also the best. Don’t miss his solo act Tuesdays and Thursdays at Quito’s Gazebo – and of course, on Friday nights BVI nightlife gets hot when Quito takes the stage with his road-tested band, The Edge. Before you go make sure to load up your ipod with plenty of island-perfect, Quito Rymer music right here on Our favorite Quito Rymer album is aptly named ‘Paradise’ and you can (and should), buy it right now.

Quito Rymer : Paradise
Quito Rymer : Paradise
1 No Tears 2 Trenchtown Music 3 Free 4 Paradise 5 Everything Safe 6 Both Sides of the Gun 7 Hotter on the Phone 8 Even 9 Pon Me Mind 10 Standing 11 Paradise Ride PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE PURCHASING A DOWNLOAD - NOT THE CD - THESE ARE THE MP3 FILES FROM THE ALBUM ONLY

Best New BVI Musicians : The Razorblades.

The Razorblades Fungi Band
The Razorblades Fungi Band

You can catch this great new FUNGI band on FULL MOON PARTY nights at the Trellis Kitchen / CyberCafe. Their energy and songwriting insures that FUNGI is alive and well and living in the British Virgin Islands.

Best Looking BVI Musician : Jalena

Jalena : BVI Musician with an incredible BODY of work
Jalena : BVI Musician with an incredible BODY of work

If you haven’t heard of her – you will remember her after seeing her for the first time. She is on the rise in the music industry, sharing the stage in the upcoming Carrot Bay Festival with Reggae great Tarrus Reilly amongst others. Check our her BODY of work via this image search on

Best Place to Try and Get Laid : The Dove / Barfly

Pickup Joint : The Dove & Barfly
Pickup Joint : The Dove & Barfly

Looking for a little extra curricular activity while on island? From bored expat housewives, boring bankers and lawyers to Caribbean women on the sexier side, whether you’re cougar hunting or looking for an eligible bachelor, our pick for pickup joints and people watching is the Dove and more-so, Barfly. The deck at Barfly serves very tasty food and specialty drinks that can be on the pricey side, but the quality is unmatched. This is one of the better places to find ass.

Best Place to Avoid : “The Pub” Tortola

Once the crowning glory of expat watering holes, this dilapidated dump, run by an expat witch, is a place best avoided on your travels. Bad food, slow service and a lack of customer care PLUS, the most rotten proprietor on island make The Pub, a place to avoid at all costs.

Best Place to Get Ripped off – Bomba Shack

Don’t be an idiot. The opportunistic “Drug dealers” are just waiting for a sucker to sell some really expensive oregano to. If you’re looking to score something, find a relaxed local and casually strike up a conversation.

Best Map of The British Virgin Islands : Ours

The Party Map of Fun Things to Do in the BVI is the best map of Tortola.

Party Map of Fun Things to Do in the BVI
Party Map of Fun Things to Do in the BVI

Best Spot to Cure a Hangover : The Tamarind Club

Hangovers Cured Daily : The Tamarind Club
Hangovers Cured Daily : The Tamarind Club

Get there around 10:30am on Sunday to beat the crowds and order big and continue the previous nights buzz at the best spot for Sundays in the British Virgin Islands. Bring a swimsuit, smoke cigarettes (if that’s your thing – and it’s open-air, so don’t worry if you’re a non-smoker). Get a side order of home-fries topped with cheese and chili, several bloody mary’s and sink into the poolside bar or one of the many comfortable couches… watch a game, talk smack at the bar … etc. Sometimes they have bands too.

Best Place to Drink : The Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke

Casey Anthony is not at the Soggy Dollar Bar
Casey Anthony is not at the Soggy Dollar Bar

Take a plane, take a boat, maybe build a raft and float – but get your ass to the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke if you’re anywhere near it. Strap a buzz on, play the ring toss game, look for celebrities, check out bathing suits and boats, swim from the boat to the beach… get your dollars soggy, drink a painkiller go swimming, sit in a hammock, take photos, call your friends and make them jealous. This is hands-down the best spot for partying in the British Virgin Islands for so many reasons. Casey Anthony won’t be there. You might want to prepare and get in the mindset with this fabulous song, aptly named ‘Jost Van Dyke’, written by Da Tree Men.

Da Tree Men : Jost Van Dyke
Da Tree Men : Jost Van Dyke
Jost Van Dyke - a song written by Adam C. Dell and performed live at The Elm in Cane Garden Bay, March 17th, 2011. This is an MP3 file - not a CD.
That’s it for now – let us know what we’ve missed so we can add it to our next Best of BVI list!