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A BVI Belonger Perspective on Festival Behaviour

Grinding in the British Virgin Islands

Grinding in the British Virgin Islands

We caught this quote from a BVI resident and belonger, (who is also a great musician), and wanted to share it – without giving credit, because we feel that wouldn’t be fair… Here’s the direct quote and perspective as copied directly from his profile on a popular social media site:

“Now…Just to be clear ladies. Don’t expect these men to treat you like much more than a whore/prostitute/cheapscrew after you’re done grindin’, wukkin up, trashin’ back, simulating sex, and stimulating erections on every random set of genitals in the BVI during carnival. Not saying the men who humped you deserve any more respect either. ┬áBut hey, I’m sure they’re grateful for the moments of free sexual pleasure. Thanks for your service. i guess. At least hoes get paid.”

We’re hoping that the author of this post is willing to do some guest blogging here with us at – we would truly value the insight and hope some are willing to get involved!

We’d love to hear from more of you on this subject, please use the comments.