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“BVI SUN FUN” +40 SPF Shirt Now Available!

We’ve updated our online shop and out BVI SUN FUN SPF +40 tee shirt is now available!
We look forward to your submissions to our tee shirt contest on Facebook ! Enter and win a free shirt with your design!

BVI SUN FUN 40 SPF Shortsleeve Shirt
BVI SUN FUN 40 SPF Shortsleeve Shirt
Unisex Sun Protection Shirts 100% Polyester / SPF 40 Delivers the look and feel of organic cotton with the wickability of advanced poly-performance fibers. Durable construction - Two needle, double-stitch seams, four thread over-lock for extra strength in hem seams + wicking factor and 40 spf protection from the sun! Our BVI SUN FUN tee is a great way to enjoy and remember fun times in the BVI. These shirts are wonderful for spending long days outside in the tropical sunshine - they are SPF 40! Available in brighter-white only