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“Kiara was born in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean in December 2006.

In April 2007 at 4 months old Kiara was diagnosed with a very rare malignant rhabdoid tumour in her left kidney. We were referred to a surgeon in the USA for treatment where she underwent surgery to remove the tumour and also the kidney. We took up residence in Hackensack New Jersey for a year while Kiara had follow up treat…ment including 6 days of radiation treatment & 10 months of intense chemotherapy. She suffered from numerous infections, blood & platelet transfusions. Her heart was affected by the chemo and she was unable to learn to eat as a normal child. She had a feeding tube surgically inserted through her abdomen for nutrition.

She learnt to talk and walk in hospital trailing an iv pole behind her. With everything that she was going through she was so happy & was easily a favourite among staff. She still hit every developmental milestone along the way and even exceeded some.” . . .

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