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The Anasazi Dance Troupe on NYE @ Trellis Bay!


The Anasazi Dancers will be appearing at The New Years Eve Party at Trellis Bay this year to ring in the new year in what should be an amazing celebration.

The Anasazi culture emerged, in the south western USA, long before the whites arrived and left a great amount of archaeological evidence. That can be seen now in the territory of the Four Corners, crossed by the modern borders of the four states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.

The main center of this culture was in the Chaco Canyon where many masonry villages still exist, known as Casas Grandes with several kivas, sacred meeting places where the natives gathered together to celebrate their rites. The Anasazi culture, born around the time of Jesus Christ, slowly developed to originate the so called Chacoan Phenomenon, showing the apex for this population between 1050 and 1125 A.D. Around that time the Anasazi built several roads, sometimes reaching 9 meters across. These reached beyond 300 km out of Chaco Canyon, probably their capital, connecting villages and especially prominent ritual sites through long straight stretches. Notable among these roads due to its length was the Great North Road that stretched out for more than 20 km pointing exactly southwards. Click here to read more.