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Awesome Crew

Early beginnings of the Band came about as a direct result of the breakup of “LL. Massive” a past band out of Long Look, Tortola. Two members of this band were Cecil Fahie & Edison Penn, better known as Ice & Guy. They, because of the breakup of “LL Massive,” approached two other fellows by the names Sym Lettsome & Dwayne Davies whom we will call Sym & Badge respectively. They decided to form a new band with the few resources they had at the time with Ice & Guy doing the vocal arrangements and Sym & Badge playing keyboards.

They decided to name the Band “Awesome Crew” and over the next couple months’ two (2) new members joined, Antonio Tuckett & Elton Prentis better known as Pitt & Ekon. They brought some new flavor with their talents as Pitt took a vocal role while Ekon eased the pressure of the keyboardists and played Bass Guitar. During this time, the Band on a whole was practicing at Ice’s home but they later relocated to the present Community Center. This was brought about by the Committee at that time because they noticed the positive energy and growing popularity the band was receiving. All this time couple more members were incorporated, Myron Fahie, Spuddy & Alnando Fahie. Myron played the Electric Guitar and Spuddy sang while “Nando” took the administrative role as Manager.

The Band’s popularity increased through many successful gigs with bands such as “PrimeTime”, “JamBand” & “Imagi”. But this was still not significant because the band was still an underground band with an underground sound even though the band had previous street hits such as “Wet”, “Party Animal”, and “You Gotta Be In It (To Win It)”. This soon changed as plans went into developing an album and in 1995 the groups premiered with their compilation “Da Should Hold You.” This Album was a major success in that it brought hits such as “Irie” and “Stamina” but the clincher was a song by the name of “Bugs” in which the band positioned itself as a force to reckoned with. “Bugs” went to the top of the charts in Tortola and it also claimed high praises in neighboring islands such as St.Thomas and St.Croix as well as some of the other islands “down under”.

Some months after the Band’s success major changes occurred through the Band’s ranks, members Pitt, Ekon, Badge & Spuddy left for various reasons, but some new members joined as well. Members such as Roxanne DeWinght, better known as “Big Reds” , Judson Maduro (Juddy) and Eric Connor (Ricky). Reds helped with the singing while Juddy worked with Engineering and Rhythm Composing aspects, Ricky added the flavor with Bass guitar. Plans also went into effect to get some “Brass ” in the Band’s overall sound.

As of this date the band has matured and evolved and the remaining members are as follows: —