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DJ Commodore

Everyone in the BVI and neighbouring Islands, not forgetting Islands such as St. Vincent and St. Maarten has had a taste of this spectacular DJ. His music knowledge is so great and he blames this knowledge on former Boss/ Club owner of St. Maarten’s Studio 7 Disco (David) who had him on a strict music format, since the club was International. He continues to utilize his knowledge as he entertains his audience and never ceases to disappoint them.

A Word From Commodore: As a DJ, I’ve done so much work, but I have yet to deliver a body of work as a producer. I do feel that the music side of things is definitely going to carry on after the DJ side of my career ends, which I hope is a long way off. I’ve always thought of my DJ career as a separate entity from my production career that I am getting ready to pursue and I think of making big dance records like Bad Boy Records and even So So Def record label. But for now the only thing that matters when you have one person to a full dance floor is the music that comes out of the speakers.