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DJ Push Pop

The name is DJ Push Pop, but his music is not a child’s treat, but everyone’s delight. DJ Push Pop has been a major instrument in pushing local music through the airwaves for seven years and counting. He started out being a huge radio fan, this appreciation led him to the office of ZROD 103.7FM.

After being avoided for some time, DJ Push Pop decided to take the opportunity by grabbing the microphone and the mixing board. His first radio “appearance” was admonished; but the second…well, DJ Push Pop now has a hot show on ZROD called “The Top 7 at 7.” This goes to show persistence does pay off. DJ Push Pop did not start the business with that name, but gave listeners the option to give him a hot, fresh name.

The lucky caller number 7, who gave him the name “Push Pop.” DJ Trash, his name at the time, was no more after the on-air survey. Listen FTM Vibes with DJ Push Pop on the Afternoon Drive, Mondays through Fridays 6:00 to 9:00pm; and don’t forget his hot show, the “Top 7 at 7” at 7:00pm. DJ Push Pop has since moved from on-air to clubs, shows and other events all over the BVI.