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I was born on a bright sunny day in November in Greater Port more, Jamaica. I went to the Spanish Town Primary School. I studied Computer Science at the Aronox Business College in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I grew up with my mom, four sisters and one brother. Being the first child in the family I always had to be the one responsible for looking out for my siblings. I must say it was fun growing up with them! We are a close knit family and to this day I love them the same and continue to look out for them even if they are all gown and have their own lives.
My name is Paul Peart, a lover of music. In the business and entertainment world, I am known as “Gadiethz”. Presently I reside on Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Growing up as a kid I realized that I had a great passion for music. I say with no reservations at that –Music is my Life – I love music in any form. My enthusiasm for the love of music led me to many special achievements and opportunities to grow in the art – Gadiethz, the singer/songwriter/producer continues to aspire in the music arena from singing my favorite High School songs to writing my own songs. My style of writing could be said to be ‘eccentric’ – I stack words into columns that read from right to left.
Some of my many achievements include the release of my single, “Nookie Tonight” which made number one on the ‘ZROD’s Top 7 at 7’ at the time of its release. I have had the great opportunity to open shows for Berres Hammond, Buju Banton and Tony Rebel while working the Cayman Islands. My greatest event was performing at Sting ’97, a popular dancehall show in Jamaica. Before moving to the BVI, I also hosted a local Cable TV Jamaican show called “Yard Beat”.
Presently I work with ZROD FM Radio Station as the Sales and Marketing Manager, as well as I continue to do some on-air programming, more specifically the Saturday Night Strictly Reggae Show, a show which incidentally is linked to radio stations in New York, Atlanta and the USVI. I am also the host on the Sunday Night Karaoke at Calypso Café Bar and Grill. Most of you may have seen or heard me as the host of many local shows held in the BVI, as well as during the BVI Music Fest and the August Festival Celebrations.
Life to me means family and friends you can trust and who trusts you. I am a happy person and I love life, but like everything else there are days that may seem a little less on the up side. I do have some friends who I can depend on and who look out for me.
I view education as a necessity in life if anybody wants to be successful in any project. It provides you with a foundation to revert to should your aspirations and goals in life do not work out at any one time. Besides working in the music field, which is my first passion, I have also worked as a hair stylist/barber, all of which form part and parcel of the music and entertainment industry.
At the end of it all I love music, it’s in my soul – there’s a rhythm inside of me that’s always beating, chanting, humming, playing all the time. I am Paul ‘Gadiethz’ Peart and music is my passion!

Marketing Manager/Radio Personality – ZROD-FM

C.E.O – Three-P Productions (Event Planning & Promotions, Entertainer)

19 Flemming Street
Road Town Tortola
British Virgin Islands
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