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Frequency is an up and coming BVI-based rock band. The band is currently in the studio recording their music.

About the band members:

Peter Kurapati – Lead guitarist of the band as well as providing Vocals for some songs. Started playing guitar at the age of 13, Peter formed this band. In a recent concert in which they performed as part if his school Personal Project, Peter donated over $1200 to an orphanage by the name of ServeTrust in India.
Camron Peters – With years of experience as a musician, Camron diversifies his instrumental range into Saxophone to Guitars to Keyboards. Camron is also a singer, currently serving as the lead vocals in Frequency.
Camroy Peters – As Camron’s twin brother, Camroy also shares a similar background. He currently serves as the bassist in Frequency and also provides rhythm guitar when needed.
Val John – With just a little over 2 years experience, Val John currently serves as the drummer of Frequency. He diversifies his style into Rock, Jazz, etc.
Frequency’s currently trying to record and distribute their songs.
If you’re interested in the band or want them to perform anywhere, please call or email them at:
Phone: 284-545-2772

Crazy Girl by Frequency

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