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Lincoln Ward

Coming straight to you out of Tortola BVI, Nature’s Little Secret is, Lincoln Ward. It’s been a long journey for this young performer, growing up in a household with a strong musical influence made it certain that he would become a musician. At about the age of 8, his mother a piano instructor encouraged him to begin piano lessons. His father’s influence as a guitarist gave him an extra incentive to want to be as good. At age 10, Lincoln was introduced to the trombone and continued his musical endeavors throughout high school and university, playing in numerous concert, jazz bands and chorals. Upon the completion of high school, he then saw it fit to explore his greatest of all instruments (his voice) and started co-majoring in voice for his freshman and sophomore years in university. At the start of his third year double majoring in music and computer science Lincoln found it extremely difficult especially with dreams of becoming a singer/producer and decided to focus on one degree concentration. This did not stop Lincoln from producing/ writing and engineering for himself or other artists on campus and in the community. At the age of 20 Lincoln graduated with his bachelors’ degree in computer science in the spring of 2005.

One year later, September 2006 Lincoln released his first solo project throughout the Virgin Islands and some parts of New York in which he received great reviews from Djs and fans. Less than a month of this album’s release Lincoln was faced with the tragic death of his manager “Bernard Skelton Green” and was again forced to do it all on his own. As a producer, Engineer, song writer and striving Artist it was already demanding but determined to make his mark in the music industry Lincoln took on the task of managing himself. Immediately plans were being instituted to shoot his first music video for single “Soakin Wet” which had been released world wide to over 800 Djs on international record pools. During the month of November Lincoln was able to successfully shoot the music video for singles “Soakin Wet” and “Slowly me and you” directed by Donavan Lambert of New York. Soon after Lincoln sought assistance form Virgin Island record label Tri-Storm Entertainment who held a No. 1 position on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles Sales Charts, that year by artist M-Tina and also noted for artist Maurice’s accomplishments being featured on two major movie Soundtracks (“Derailed,”, and The Protector).

In January of 2007 Lincoln was adopted as the newest member of the Tri-storm Entertainment family. Immediately the “Soakin Wet” music video was submitted to entertainment stations through out the Caribbean, such as Hype TV, R.E. TV, Carib V TV (Jamaica), Synergy TV (Trinidad), and Karib Link TV (Miami) and the most noted “Tempo” which was endorsed by Viacom’s MTV. Tempo is viewed in over 21 countries through the Caribbean and has an estimated viewing audience of over 2 million to date. On March 19th 2007 “Soakin Wet” Debuted on MTV’s Tempo and soon after enter the Cross Caribbean Count down in the number 8 position. “Soakin Wet” went on to spend 13 weeks on the charts and hit the number 1 spot making Lincoln the first Virgin Islander to reach the top of the Tempo Caribbean charts.

After the release of “Soakin Wet” on ITUNES and over 20 other digital stores distributed by CD baby in August 2007 the single went onto create waves through the Caribbean, Canada and Hawaii radio and video countdowns, entering the top ten in both Canada and Hawaii in November/December 2007. Shortly after the success of “Soakin Wet” in the Caribbean circuit Lincoln’s second video was released and confirmed his existence in the industry. “Slowly me and You” released on Tempo in September 2007 which followed a similar path to its predecessor “Soakin Wet” and hit the countdown within 2 weeks of its release and climbed the charts peeking at number 3 and spending a total of 10 weeks on the Cross Caribbean Countdown which proved that the Caribbean would take notice to the new comer with his fresh new sound of R&B mixed with a smooth twist of the Caribbean’s Island flavor.

Lincoln’s success on the video and radio charts has merited him performances, in Nevis, Dominica, St Vincent, St Croix’s, New York, and has Opened shows for Kenneth ‘ Babyface Edmonds, Shaggy, Reggae sensations Sanchez, Pressure, Munga Honorable, Alaine and more. In January 2008 Lincoln’s third commercial single “Lay you down” featuring Kamau was released world wide under Millennium Entertainment’s Caribbean Superstars Compilation and featured many of the year’s hits from other Caribbean artists. Lincoln’s third Music video “The One” was released in April, 2008 as well as his “Seduction Tape” which was distributed digitally.

In 2009 Lincoln Opened formed a production company called “Beatlink Productions Inc.” and has been developing other artists in his studio. In just 1 short year Lincoln has been the executive producer, vocal coach, and engineer of over 15 album projects regionally with a wide range of genres, Gospel, Reggae, Soca, R&B, Traditional, and Hip Hop. On Dec 5th 2009 Lincoln released his first Christmas album entitled “ Christmas In Paradise” which featured artists who he has worked with over the year, and putting a fresh spin to traditional favorites. In Feb 2010 Lincoln will release his Sophomore album entitled “Four Seasons Of Summer”. The journey continues in 2010 for Lincoln and his team Tri-storm Entertainment rivaling the majors without a record deal securing radio play through the Caribbean, Europe, Canada and slowly capturing the USA.

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