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Michael Beans

AAAARRRrrrr!!! The highly sought after pirate performer Michael Beans!!!

Born in Grand Haven, Michigan in 1956, Michael Beans is a high-energy entertainer who cut his musical teeth on the port towns and islands of the Great Lakes. He was raised to the sound of jug band music and spent countless hours absorbing the magic that is found at spontaneous jam sessions with family and friends during hunting and fishing camps.

With an ever-growing love for the old timer’s stories, he grew especially fond of backwoods lore and the seafaring songs from the early days of sail. Inspired by the music of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot and Donovan, he began writing his own songs in the mid-70’s. In 1977 he began his musical career playing the nightclub and festival circuit throughout Michigan in the summer and touring the Florida Keys in the winter. In 1980 he recorded his first album “Driftin'” under the Pro Am label.

For the next decade he continued to follow the north/south trail while expanding his horizons. In 1987, with four albums to his credit, he purchased his first boat, “Esperanza,” and took his music to the Caribbean Sea. For the next thirteen years he lived aboard Esperanza, working between the United States and British Virgin Islands, during which time he recorded two more albums with his traveling bands “The Hornswagglers” and “The Seafarin’ Turd Whirlers.”

At present time he is the last jollymon (singing/sailing songwriter) in the Lesser Antilles. Working as a solo artist, Beans’ music is best described as authentic American folk fusion with a West Indian twist. His show is genuine, dynamic, and visually entertaining. He is a one-man band with no artificial or pre-recorded gadgets. He plays acoustic guitar along with a harmonica on a rack, all while singing and adding vocal percussions to the beat of a stomp box that he plays with his feet. You really have to see it to believe it! His show is a crowd-pleasing, uplifting medley of original, seafaring, and classic island tunes. With a large repertoire of cover songs and original music, Beans enjoys working a crowd, exuding an energy that creates a rapport with his audience that is truly captivating.

Michael’s touring schedule in the summer offers the world the opportunity to hire him stateside as well as internationally by going to his booking page.  He spends his winters the British Virgin Islands where he leads the lifestyle that best suits his nomad nature, living on board his 47-ft. sailboat “Mangele” and performing his popular show “Happy Arrrrr”. It is rumored that Michael will be performing throughout the 2010 winter season in Leverick Bay.

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