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Phil Bangie

Phil Bangie aka Thomas, comes from the town of Portsmouth in Dominica. He started playing music while still a child, starting with the harmonica, (mouth-organ) and the tamborine. At 5 or 6 years of age, he was singing his lungs out in his hometown, while banging on his tambourine. As he got older, Phil Bangie moved on to strings and then the guitar. He is a self taught musician.
He played in several different bands, one called “The Modules”, in which he played Rhythm guitar. He also filled in as bass player for “The Milestones” in Dominica.
Phil Bangie performs regularly throughout the British Virgin Islands. He is often in Trellis Bay, performing  at the Trellis Kitchen / Cybercafe and Aragorn’s Studio, He also occasionally plays at the Jolly Roger.
Check the Event Calendar to see when Phil is playing.

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