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Ras Rio

Ras Rio is the Sunday artist at Seddy’s One Love on Jost Van Dyke.

Ras Rio resides on  Tortola and travels to Jost Van Dyke to entertain.

Ras plays acoustic guitar and the harmonica and sings all at the same time. He plays old school classic rock everyone knows but with reggae twist. Some people claim that Ras Rio does a better Dylan than Bob Dylan.

Rio also played with  a now defunct, 12 man Reggae band on Tortola named “Out of the Desert”. would like more information on Ras Rio – if you have photos, videos, music clips etc… please let us know. If you have something we can use,  please submit it through the GET ON BVIMUSIC.COM link at the top of the page.

The answer to the trivia question: Ras Rio grew up in Newark, NJ.


  • Rbroadlick

    We have enjoyed his music several times at Seddys. Once on my birthday.Well worth checking out.

    • He is excellent – have you heard him play Bob Dylan’s ‘Hurricane’? That is our favorite.