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Reuben Chinnery

Reuben Chinnery at the soggy dollar barWith a rich baritone voice & smooth island delivery, Reuben Chinnery is one musician you do not want to miss if you’re in the BVI.

If you can get the chance to see him perform, do not squander the opportunity. Playing his signature 12-string guitar, Chinnery delights audiences with genuine renditions of island music. He rarely plays the same song, the same way – really keeps things interesting and can truly “rock” a crowd.

At One Love on Jost van Dyke

On Saturdays, the infamous Reuben Chinnery plays afternoons at The One Love  Bar on Jost Van Dyke -  He starts around 1pm. Sundays, you can find him at The Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost also – chances are if you’ve enjoyed a Painkiller at the Soggy Dollar Bar, you’ve probably had the chance to meet him! There’s nothing quite like knocking back a few Painkillers (at the place they were invented), playing the ring toss game (at the place it was invented), and hearing Reuben playing to a happy crowd on the beautiful white sand beach at White Bay, Jost Van Dyke – try it once and you’ll have to get yourself back there again. It’s tropical paradise encapsulated, with the right sounds to match.

Reuben’s playlist includes tasty original songs mixed with classics that everyone knows. “Come back to the islands”, “Sailing in the BVI”, “To The Islands” . . .  the list goes on and on and every song will bring you back to the islands.

Chinnery has 2 cd’s out- bvimusic will hopefully be stocking them soon!

Summertime by Reuben Chinnery live at Seddy’s One Love in Jost Van Dyke

Sailing Video with Music by Reuben Chinnery