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The Razorblades

Our band was formed in late September/early October @ Isabels Bar (Danchies Hideout) where we would normally hang out. The idea of forming the band was for the purpose of serenading for the christmas season only but as we practiced on a regular we others began to take notice in the bands potential to be a very successful band. We would call ourselves many names but members from the Lashing Dogs who would listen to us practice said that we sounded sharp as a razor which we took and formed the name The Razor Bladez. In November 2010 we were entered into the annual fungi fest @ Noel Lloyds Park where we were a shock and attraction to many who came out which encouraged us to take it serious. We are a very versatile we also sing soca, hip-hop/rap, reggae, rnb, country, gospel, calypso, reggaeton, bachata and merengue.

we perform regularly, every full moon at trellis bay from 8 – 11:30. We are in the works of recording and releasing our first single (The Razor Bladez – Jam, Jam) as a band and collaborating with the lashing dogs and show time band on other projects.

Band members:

  • Kayron Todman – our lead singer and guitarist
  • Aaron Parillon – back up singer and Triangle/steele.
  • Bryant Thomas – backup singer and cowbell.
  • Yohance Smith – backup singer and saxophonist.
  • Yanique Smith – Backup singer (female)
  • Selvin Smith – Bass Guitar
  • Roosevelt Barry – Banjo/Ukelele
  • Jomari Martin – Polito
  • Trevaughn Todman – Congo Drum
  • Raphael Solomon – Squash
  • Derrick Christopher – assistant triangle
  • Amos Pickering – Engineer

Contact Information
Kayron @ 441-1130
Aaron @ 544-3453
Facebook page for the Razorblades