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VI Band

VI Band

VI Band emerged in 2009 with only 6 members and has given the Island a touch of class as every year we move forward with better tune and lyrics.

The Band comprising drummer Timmy; Rhythm/programmer/keyboardist Tony; Bass Khari; Lead Vocal Nigel and singer Khadin.. The Group emerged under manager and organizer Mr. Sirron Scatliffe who always ensure that the band was always in high energy and ready to perform when called upon.

VI Band have produced the following songs, “soaking Wet”, “You and I”, “Touch Your Toes” “Jam” & Festival. These musical renditions have received good airplay and much positive feedback from the community. For the upcoming festival we’re in progress of recording some new releases such as “Party”, “Summer Time” “Bunny”, “Drill” and “Hands up High”

Been in the musical competition over the years, the band has created a variety to accommodate the young, the grown and sexy and the not so sexy or young. On Stage VI Band has played a wide selection of calypso tunes, love songs, Spanish songs and Reggae. By doing so the band has gain recognition of being, not only the sweetest band but by been the original band and brought back the drive in VI music.

VI BAND can be contacted thru their Manager Mr. Sirron Scatliffe at 284-541-5702 or or their Facebook VI band page.