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I Love the BVI & The Hurricanes Can Blow Me! Tee Shirt

In honor of the recent tropical weather disturbances, we’ve got a new tee-shirt for you to check out! Keep in mind that all shirts at spf 40+ shirts that are awesome for the islands, breathable, fast-drying and they protect you from the sun. They are comfortable even when wet and they are light! This . . . → Read More: I Love the BVI & The Hurricanes Can Blow Me! Tee Shirt

“BVI SUN FUN” +40 SPF Shirt Now Available!

We’ve updated our online shop and out BVI SUN FUN SPF +40 tee shirt is now available! We look forward to your submissions to our tee shirt contest on Facebook ! Enter and win a free shirt with your design!

BVI SUN FUN 40 SPF Shortsleeve ShirtUnisex Sun Protection Shirts 100% Polyester / SPF 40 Delivers the look and feel of organic cotton with the wickability of advanced poly-performance fibers. Durable construction – Two needle, double-stitch seams, four thread over-lock for extra strength in hem seams + wicking factor and 40 spf protection from the sun! Our BVI SUN FUN tee is a great way to enjoy and remember fun times in the BVI. These shirts are wonderful for spending long days outside in the tropical sunshine – they are SPF 40! Available in brighter-white only Size : SmallMediumLargeXL Price: $35.00

Rated AAARRRR! : 40 SPF Shortsleeve Sunshirt

Check out a new tee shirt design from, it’s our Rated ARRRRR! skull tee! Beneath the skull it reads: “WEARER ENTITLED TO HALF-PRICE DRINKS AT ALL PARTICIPATING BARS”, this is something you’ll have to test out yourself until we finalize our deal with many bars in the BVI, but who knows, they might go . . . → Read More: Rated AAARRRR! : 40 SPF Shortsleeve Sunshirt