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PKNY Shut Down by Health Department

PKNY, formerly Painkiller Tiki Bar in New York City was shut down yesterday by the Department of Health for sanitary violations.

It’s been a rough few weeks for the bar that just recently lost it’s name and it’s website due to legal battles with Pusser’s Rum.

The bar is apparently open at this time . . . → Read More: PKNY Shut Down by Health Department

Pusser’s Buzzing in Real-Time!

Sir Richard Bransons Lemurs Sippin' on Pusser's 15 Year Rum

There’s a BUZZ going and it smells like Pusser’s Rum!

Real time tracking of news is relatively new for Google, check out this link and see what we’re talking about!

In the lawsuit filed April 12 in U.S. District Court, plaintiff Pusser’s Rum . . . → Read More: Pusser’s Buzzing in Real-Time!

Pusser’s Founder Responds to Social Media Frenzy

Founder of Pusser’s Rum, Charles Tobias has responded to the recent social media backlash surrounding the lawsuit between Painkiller bar in New York City, and the Pusser’s Painkiller. The bar in New York has now changed it’s name to PKNY.

In the response, Tobias is quoted as saying

“The taste of Pusser’s Rum is distinctive . . . → Read More: Pusser’s Founder Responds to Social Media Frenzy