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Marina Cay & The Robb White Bar

There are few places like Marina Cay. The flower covered, eight-acre island is ringed by a soft, white sand beach. The island is nestled in a sheltered, emerald green, lagoon whose shallow waters are always calm and lukewarm. It is the ideal place for snorkelers to enjoy the colorful fish and sea life that inhabit the coral reef and the lagoon. The quiet lagoon and reef make Marina Cay the ideal place for vacationing families with small children who desire a natural, safe, watersports environment. Likewise it is a wonderful place for those wishing to learn to snorkel and scuba dive. The island is also home to an award winning Pusser’s Restaurant specializing in seafood and cuisine of the Caribbean.

marina cay

With something for everyone, Pusser’s Marina Cay offers water sports, an outstanding restaurant on the beach, and a nightly BBQ on the island’s summit with its spectacular 360º view. The bar on the porch of the Robb White House features a daily Happy Hour and early entertainment.

marina cay, happy hour

The main restaurant on the beach offers local cuisine and American and Continental standards. Each dining location has spectacular views of the sea and the anchorage. This is where you sip your Pusser’s Painkiller in the gentle breeze of the evening, and relax to the soft music and the lapping of water along the beach. And it is only a 10-minute FREE ferry ride on the Pusser’s boat from near the airport to the island.

Pusser’s Marina Cay is home to a Pusser’s Company Store that certainly has one of the prettiest locations in the Caribbean. It is chocked full of the entire line of Pusser’s proprietary tropical and nautical clothing, and also carries a good stock of condiments and snacks.

michael beans


Marina Cay is simply put, an amazing place to spend time while on a trip to the British Virgin Islands. Take a walk up to the summit and you’ll one of the best  live music venues in the entire Caribbean – The Robb White Bar. The Robb White Bar was the previous home to beloved entertainer, Michael Beans with his famous Happy AAARRRrrr! show. This year, the bar has been home to popular Caribbean singer-songwriter, Eric Stonewho has created the song, ‘Marina Cay Toast’.

Happy Hour begins at 5pm and goes to 8pm. Sit back and sip a Painkiller or get on your feet and dance to the sounds of the islands!

Eric Stone Live at the Robb White Bar on Marina Cay from March 2nd, 2011

Watch live streaming video from ericstonetv at

In addition to the regular performers, Marina Cay has been known to host some killer parties and additional entertainers such as Quito & The Edge, Brian Neale and others!

Michael Beans performing ‘Soper’s Hole’, at The Robb White Bar on Marina Cay

Marina Cay has a sheltered Mooring field with 30 balls & safe anchorage. a fuel dock & water station, the hotel offers one night boaters discounts – perfect for a relaxing evening and for catching the Happy Hour entertainment!

This is a hilltop double room, facing directly into the tradewinds. Each double room is equipped with a refrigerator. A private balcony sits directly over the reef. It is an ideal spot for reading, or for a cool drink, or for doing nothing at the end of each full day.

The parlor of one of the suites. Note the balcony which overlooks the reef and the Sir Francis Drake Channel. The furnishings are comfortable and relaxed. For privacy, a bedroom and private bathroom are located on each side of the parlor, each with its own balcony. wholeheartedly recommends visiting Marina Cay – and catching the Happy Hour show (5pm-8pm), at the Robb White Bar!

No trip to the BVI would be complete without a Happy Hour spent at Marina Cay.

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